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• Life Care Planning Services

General Information:

  • All life care planning services are completed by a nurse who is a certified life care planner
  • Regardless of the referral source, our life care planner provides a systematic approach to the case analysis and bases recommendations upon the needs of each individual as dictated by the onset of a disability
  • Full life care plans are generally completed in 40 hours or less within 60 days of assignment
  • Medical cost projections are generally completed in 20 hours or less within 30 days of assignment
  • Completion time frames are estimated only and dependent on the complexity of the case.  If the referring party has a shorter deadline, we will confirm our ability to meet the required time frames upon receipt of the assignment
  • Life care planners are available for telephonic consultations prior to initiating services and when services are completed
  • Life care planners are experienced in testimony and depositions

Medical Cost Projections:

  • Provides summary of medical history and treatments
  • Identifies potential complications, if any
  • Describes treatment options
  • Identifies unrelated, unnecessary and/or duplicative treatments and services
  • Provides research and reference documentation
  • Useful in setting reserves, evaluating exposures and settlement negotiations

Life Care Plan Reviews:

  • Identifies unrelated, unnecessary and/or over-stated treatments and services.
  • Provides information on alternative funding sources
  • Provides specific information on alternative treatment and/or service providers

Life Care Plans:

  • Cost projections are specific  and include sources for equipment, services and treatment
  • All resources are documented
  • Alternative funding sources are identified with verification of any age, income and/or other requirements for eligibility
  • Legally credible
  • Planner available for depositions or testimony

Referral Process:

  • All copying done at no charge by DCMP
Life care planner will contact referring party upon receipt of assignment to confirm needs and to agree on time frames for completion


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