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• Sick Leave Program

Supervisor notifies nurse of employee’s absence, providing the following information:

  • Name
  • Social security number
  • Home phone
  • Last day worked
  • Reason for absence

Within 24 hours of referral, nurse contacts employee to obtain the following information:

  • Name of treating physician
  • Current symptoms
  • Medications
  • Expected length of work absence
  • Date of last medical appointment
  • Date of next medical appointment
  • Past medical history

Nurse provides information obtained to employer by fax or email

Management Phase I

  • Nurse and employer agree that, due to anticipated length of absence and/or diagnosis, on-going contact is advisable
  • Nurse maintains contact with employee, employer and provider(s)
  • Nurse contacts treating provider (s) for medical documentation that substantiates need for additional sick leave.  Provider is asked to provide information on the diagnosis, physical exam findings, treatment plan and estimated return to work date.
  • Updated information is requested after each medical appointment

Management Phase II

  • Nurse continues contact with all parties to assure that proper medical documentation is provided that substantiates the employee’s continued absence
  • Employer is kept apprised of employee’s progress and changes in status

Physician (s) kept apprised of modified duty opportunities as appropriate


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