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Disability Care Managment Professionals


• Transitional Offsite Work Program

Our goal is to provide short-term employment opportunities for individuals who have sustained a work-related injury that temporarily prohibits a return to work in their pre-injury job
For the Employer:

  • Promotes employee loyalty by providing earning power during the disability period
  • Provides for payment of partial, rather than total, disability under workers’ compensation coverages
  • Helps develop new skills which may prove useful in developing additional modified work opportunities if required

For the Employee:

  • Provides opportunity to remain active in a working environment during the recovery period
  • Receives assistance in developing new skills
  • Receives career development assistance if return to work in pre-injury job proves to be unlikely

For the Community Agency:

  • Provides a worker at no cost to the agency

Demonstrates the Agency’s commitment to the disabled population


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